Setting up a Python Discord Bot

This guide covers running a Python script on one of our bot hosting containers, though in reality these can run all sorts of useful utilities that you may devise. In specific we'll be installing a Discord Pop Bot written using Python (



Make sure that you've read through the following articles as their contents may be helpful for following along



  1. Extract any bot related ZIP files into a new folder using a program such as WinRar or 7-Zip
  2. Connect over FTP and transfer the contents of your new folder into the root directory of the bot container. The root directory is /home/container - the overall file structure should roughly represent your original folder. Any extra files or folders that you weren't expecting can be ignored as they're unlikely to disrupt service.
  3. Enter the Startup section on your container panel and ensure that the following are correct:
    • Startup File (Bot File, Python File, JS File) - This should be the filename for your bot's entrypoint. For the Discord Pop Bot, it's
    • Container Image (Python Version, Node.JS Version, Docker Image) - Your selection here should match up with your program's supported code versions. 



You can contact us if you have any issues. Some common issues that we're happy to help with are:

  • Unsupported Version - If we don't support an image that you'd like (for example an older Python version)
  • Startup Commands - Sometimes the startup command you're given isn't enough, or you need to add extra dependencies. This is usually achieved with a package.json file or requirements.txt.
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